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10 years ago, James Jean's psychedelic lines appeared on Prada's orbit for the first time. He pointed out that when this partnership was very rare, it appeared in the label store in New York. Shortly after that, Losangeles's visual artist lent his hand to Prada's famous fairy tale print, and then illustrated a compelling backdrop of its accompanying advertisement, showing the color of the lace chemise sleepwear in a dreamy landscape model -- Ji en's invention for spring / Summer 2008. "They caught me at the end of my business career," he reflected. "I've done a lot of editors and ads, and I've decided to stop and focus on something pure personal" - he's been doing it for ten years.

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Ji en has been thinking about his Prada transplant memorial day earlier this year, when the brand, a good artist often co worked, invited him to design 2018 sets of print holiday village. At the time, he explained the rabbit and the group ready to roam the scene of the wear parts and handbags (now the store), developing a comic style pattern for Prada men's wear. (Kendrick Lamar is wearing jeans to design a T-shirt awards party.) " It was thought that all of this began with a few of its wild pencils and paper, "Jen said.

Only Greg Chait, the vibrant cashmere knitwear of the elderly can facilitate the unity of life in California, and can give him a new lace chemise sleepwear line'rad. " It's a natural extension of the L.A. brand, and it launches 2007 blankets, most famous for its sweater. Including 18 in all the cashmere and silk spinning factory in Italy set is a classic notched collar buttons and exquisite contrast piping, collocation pants or shorts, with short Nightgown kimono robe. In the past, color played a decisive role, but simple light grey and Navy solids put their own vines and red options on vivid grapes. Chai, surprisingly, as a not what method, he also get excited over a little thing in my lace chemise sleepwear cotton scrubbing his surgeon father home, hope that their line will be the same love: "we hope that they will always have you feel good to wear at home, even if nobody has seen you."

This is a let art authority Liz thinking oat flu drink. She said, "the doctor prescribes the prescription, the hot spring is for you, the baby eats." In oat booth, a plan of next week's designmiami time, insipid food has a high processing design. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample special recipes and view of pottery and bronze Brazil design combined Fernando and Humberto Campana bowl. Brother, who is based in Paulo ---- often increase daily material in sculpture and furniture, inspired by the massive oat soil. In small elk shaped cast copper ornaments, rhinoceros and other animals for non - front-line ship bulbous bow, organic form. At the same time, the two people's booth was designed to use the floor and table made of oatmeal floors, with wooden spoons and ceilings on the walls. As for the cereal itself: Bon App and Marissa Muhlke tits editor at Christine Lippert, who founded the village coffee nourishing kitchen + table, took out seven recipes, salty sweet, it will be in a different time. "You see," was in the middle of the night, containing collagen powder (hope dose as a party to youth - "do you feel every mouthful," said swig), and the Persian green raisins and Chia seed rose crisp.

No matter how much space you have, you can create a refuge, "Nell Diamond said." the linen supplier of luxury goods, the founder of Shan Jia, walked through the first brick and mortar outpost on BULIK street. And the 490 square feet of blue and white hide is the size of a New York apartment, and diamonds try to transform the front row townhouse, living room floor as a streamlined version of her dream home. Diamond growth update mothers in Britain traditional interior American modern taste tied her to the lace chemise sleepwear store, she will be in fashion and interior designer Martin Br to do L. In the bedroom, a classic Paris palm leaf patterned printed cotton shop in nineteenth Century shows the embroidery symbol of the brand; Tracey Emin's neon works hang on the wall nearby.

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Physical space also brings opportunities to contact customers, and it is difficult for customers to change their laptops into storefronts. The diamond plans to launch a weekly pop-up window for the sale floor, from the fashion bag retailer, and the monthly reading club. At the same time, a biography of Jiabao, her father, David Linley's oak desk, replaced the traditional counter and host custom customer meetings. As a diamond says, "it's not like a dress, you have to wear it once." Linen is something that can increase your life every day. "

In the performance project, a professional armor salon in Miami and New York, but the similarity with a nearby nail point ends. Video Art Museum caliber artists such as Keren Cytter and FlucT coat onto the walls and customers often get their nails to be accurately rendered images of the GUCCI style snake and Verne plane rather than SETI red or Pink Ballerina simple.

Just in time for the art Basel, the vanity project in Miami has moved to a new and upscale corner of the design area. It is now in the center of galleries and luxury fashion lace chemise sleepwear stores, including a large GUCCI store near the entrance of salon. Though it's far away from YSL, what's more, it's a ICA far away from the block. "Litalen, Karl Pinto, Sharon's boss" refers to the Contemporary Art Association, and also a region to enter a new permanent space. "This is our place."

The new space has two aspects of video art, planning time, daata lace chemise sleepwear project, and a smaller area, which indicates that this is more incitement content installed on the ceiling, on a 55 inch screen. (it's undeniable that it's two times the salon bathroom). The work of art borrowed by the local Bill Brady gallery is also hanging on the wall.

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