White lace chemise sleepwear and Ladies Sexy Nightwear sale

The shark tank: competition helps to start the fund for new Merino wool lace chemise sleepwear

2014 August Steamboat Springs, Betsy Seabert has just buried her 30-year-old son and started lace chemise sleepwear chemotherapy to fight cancer. When the treatment was over, she thought she would never be in pain after the cancer survived and the child's accidental death, and her fate continued to afflict her.

"I was eliminated from cancer treatment and sadness was there." I am getting ready to go home, relax, rejuvenate and regain my power, "Seabert said." Then I started an estrogen blocker. so terrible. "

Hot flashes caused by hormones have been bothering her.

"During the day you can take off and add layers to turn on the fan," Seabert said. "But at night it deprives you of sleep."

With body temperature fluctuating constantly from 4 to 7 degrees, Seabert is a virtual zombie who operates night sweats on her one to two hour sleep a night.

One night later she put on her old "base" worn Merino wool vest.

"I wake up in the morning and realize that I really sleep better," Seacrest said.

Shortly after, Sebott knew her 25-year career in the outdoor apparel industry with her merino wool experience may be the answer to getting a good night's sleep.

"This is the perfect thermoregulation fiber," explained Sibbert.

But that's not a secret, as former marketing executives based on Smartwool and the point 6 clothing company's ship. After all, these companies specialize in sportswear for outdoor enthusiasts, especially Merino wool, to help sweaty athletes stay warm.

But what Seabert wants is light and comfortable, especially unconstrained or stimulating. She realized there was only one way to get it.

"Nobody made wool pajamas and I decided to launch this cold angel's sleep," Seabert said.

Fortunately, Sibertt, the annual business plan competition hosted by Steamboat Springs, Colorado Hills College. At Seabert's Leap Forward Paper, the contest offers cash prizes to two companies to showcase the best business plan for a new product.

CMC Yangpa Valley Entrepreneurship Center Competition Rules There is Sebott's focus on her business plan.

Kemp Bohlen, a retired Huntly Packard executive, one of the judges.

"She did a great job putting it together and putting it very well," Polon said. "She went to build some test suits and tried to try it out on people and she did a lot of homework.

Polan pajamas home people will wear their pajamas a few days and then switch to the cold angel pajamas. Testers then have to fill in their sleep-mode questionnaires.

"The guys who tried were very grateful and noticed the difference, and one couple said they did not want to go back to their lace chemise sleepwear," Seabert said. "If I can help to have a good night's sleep, that's an important gift.

The $ 10,000 first place winner of this year's Entrepreneurial Center has gone a long way in helping her with Seabird.

"We do not need money how to use it," said Randy Rudasics, manager of the Yap Valley Entrepreneurship Center. "But marketing, trade shows and websites are all common tools to make money.

In fact, Seabert has added her marketing to the annual Outdoor Retailer Conference which will also be her product in January. And she already had spring-line lace chemise sleepwear to buy shoes and glitter at the Steamboat at the local retailers and Ann Duckel's spa cabs at two local retailers. Her website also builds and runs Christmas orders at chillangel.com.

Seabert hopes to get her line sleepwear to luxury boutiques, spas and, of course, outdoor stores all over the country and is currently looking for sales reps.

American manufacturing is also an important Sebott.

"The quality is amazing.We found a factory in California that is familiar with merino wool. Sewing and design are tricky," she said.

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