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Saxy, a new transition lace chemise sleepwear brand, launches global online retail stores

Saxy, a new transition lace chemise sleepwear fashion line, launched its online retail store to 30 percent off sales, valid for U.S. customers from November 9th - 18. "Forget what you know about traditional pajamas.". "Saxy is a new Pajama, the comfort of pajamas and the sexy lingerie," says Saxony Kearney, founder and CEO of saxy

The saxy series consists of four different styles, with three different colors to choose from. "I designed every part of the collection personally, so I'm proud to introduce it to the world." Whether a woman is zero or No. 12, whether she's in Plainesville or Paris, is suitable for everyone, "says Mrs. Kearney, who owns the MBA degree and is the creative director of the brand.

Is Saxy another standard lace chemise sleepwear line set for the purpose of transition from night to day, and ultimately the style of every woman who resonates with it?

"For years, women have to choose fashionable sleepwear when they have to sacrifice comfort," says Kearney. "Those days are long gone." No more boring pajamas, no more sexy underwear. I want women to look pretty and feel relaxed in my pajamas."

Pajamas have become a popular fashion nowadays. "Over the course of the year, you've seen the transition of celebrities like Selena Gomez, Heidi Klum and Rihanna in the process of design, shaking lace chemise sleepwear on the street," Kearney said. "Saxy is here to take this trend to a new level, making it the staple food in the mainstream of fashion. Our brands cater to women who want to have the best of both worlds.

The styles of Saxy pajamas include shirts, pajamas sets, cage tops and pants sleeves, and traditional pajamas and pants covers. A built-in bra provides chest support, each set has several distinct colors and designs. Each set is made up of cotton lace accents, eventually reaching perfect sexy comfort levels.

Kearny claims, "unlike many mainstream chemise sleepwear lines, saxy is elaborately designed, from a woman's perspective, to a variety of different shapes, women's race, age and background. I hope this work will make women revel in their femininity and self-confidence. I firmly believe that women do not have to compromise for comfort."

Saxy lace chemise sleepwear can be purchased in the global shop-saxys.com and ships. The standard retail price starts at $49. In honor of Saxy's online retail store, the company launched 30 percent off of the first saxy packages and free delivery promotion codes for American customers". Party launched 30 percent off sales valid from November 9th 18.

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